We live in a great city with an abundance of natural beauty and strong hard working families.  However, our city is not without its problems and challenges: Together we will:

  • Restore the tax cap.  Recently the Anchorage assembly voted to gut the tax cap which for many years has helped protect tax payers like you and me.  At a time when families, businesses, and the state are trying to reduce their budgets, the administration and the assembly are increasing taxes.  We need to hold elected officials to the tax cap.  Vote YES on Proposition 8 on April 5th.


  • Institute fiscal responsibility. When the last budget was recently established by the assembly, there were almost fifty attempts by a couple assembly members to reduce the budget: zero passed.  The refusal to cut the budget at a time when the price of a barrel of oil is at gut wrenching lows and the state as a whole reeling in budget woes is incredibly irresponsible.  Now is the time to stop government extravagance, inefficiency, duplication of efforts, and other waste.  Together we can do it. 


  • Encourage growth and development. The city is losing families and retirees to the valley and the lower 48 at an alarming rate.  Two big culprits are a lack of affordable housing and reduction in property rights.  The fact is, building in Anchorage is more expensive, more complicated, and fraught with more delays than it needs to be.  It is time for the municipality to get out of the way of growth and development.  Stop penalizing growth and start encouraging it.   Title 21 and the permitting process need to be examined closely.  In short, we need to grow our tax base, not our tax rate.


  • More effective public safety.  Our city has suffered a recent increase in shootings, car thefts, and other crimes.  Our police officers face an increase in public distrust and an erosion in respect for authority.  Predictably, the city’s response to this has been to simply throw more money at the problem.  While an increase in the number of police officers should be carefully considered, this step alone is not an answer to the problems we face.  We should carefully consider the successful steps Mayor Rudy Giuliani took in New York as part of his “Broken Windows” policy.  Our officers should take every opportunity to get to know the members of the neighborhood in which they serve and develop relationships of trust with neighborhood leaders and families. 


  • School Accountability.  One issue preventing our schools from being some of the best in the nation is a lack of accountability on many levels.  One way to increase accountability is to have school board members represent districts rather than be elected city wide.  We all know who to call if we have issues with the city, state or nation but who do you call if you have an issue with the school district?     

With your help, we can make Anchorage great and preserve its greatness for future generations.